The advantages and use introduction of Plastic Socket Mould!

plastic socket mould


Plastic Socket MOLD meets the needs of various audio and video application environments. For fixed installation in a certain environment, such as the conference room at the conference room, the console of the command control center, etc. It can be installed on the partition wall, floor, or desktop, so it can be completely hidden in the entire environment. It is fast and professional to use, hidden in the invisible places when not in use, easy to manage. Suitable for conference tables, furniture or other occasions.

Plastic Socket Mould advantage:

1. The functional module that can be spliced into different lengths quickly and equipped with the corresponding length;

2. After the combination is installed, it presents a certain inclined angle, with a completely user -friendly design structure, which is more in line with the beauty of ergonomics when used;

3. The installation is convenient and flexible. You can choose a variety of stitching installations, small volume, and small space;

4. It is the highest and most beautiful multifunctional combination socket device in similar products at present;

5. Security and convenient plug -in interface.

plastic socket mould