The detection principles of indass endcope carera module

industrial endoscope camera module


Industrial Endoscope Camera Module is the direct image of the inner vision mirror axis with a light -oriented light chip with less than 1/6 ". Lighting uses LED to directly light up at the axis; the advantages are relatively low manufacturing costs and have nothing to do with the axis. It is easy to observe on the screen. It can store photos and video as an offline analysis. The internal mirror axis uses a 1/18 "light -sensitive chip*small can only reach 5.5mm (guaranteed 10M water pressure and integrated high brightness LED light). If the reliability requirements are appropriately reduced, you can achieve 3.8mm. In addition, the environmental resistance is poor, the temperature resistance and earthquake resistance are not as good as the optical vision, and it cannot be applied to various occasions.

Industrial Endoscope Camera Module non -destructive detection principle

Industrial Endoscope Camera Module is a branch of non -destructive detection. It can also be said to be a special detection technology.

Indostric Endoscope Camera Module, due to its special size design, allows us not to destroy the surface structure or working status of the object's internal surface structure or accurately.

The use of industrial endoscopy requires the use of industrial endoscope as a detection tool, which is specially designed and produced to meet the complex industrial environment. Wirloral mirror detection is a kind of detection technology that has gradually been widely used with the development of endoscopic manufacturing technology in recent years.

Endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation of places that can be directly observed by high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation, and human eyes. It is mainly used for automotive, aviation engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc. You can stop or destroy assembly and equipment stopping. In the case of operation, it achieves non -destructive detection. On the other hand, industrial endoscopes can also be connected to cameras, cameras or electronic computers to form photos, cameras and image processing systems, so as to perform the surveillance, records, storage, and images of the field of view targets Analysis. Provide a good guarantee for diagnosis and treatment.

industrial endoscope camera module